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Death by Chocolate

Over the weekend, we ventured out to Harvard Square in Cambridge for the second annual chocolate festival. At one point in the afternoon, several vendors came together to promote their eateries and gave out FREE samples of chocolate. FREE samples, need I say more? It was chocolate overload…I couldn’t have asked for more. We were near the front and still waited in line for about 40 minutes…and the line stretched long behind us.

Long Long Line

Chocolate Samples

(Starting bottom left and circling clockwise)

  1. Chocolate ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce from JP Licks
  2. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks from Libby’s Dairy Bar
  3. Gluten free and sugar free chocolate mouse with whipped cream from Legal Sea Food
  4. Chocolate fudge cake from Finale
  5. Fried crepe stuffed with Nutella from Bertuccis

To my dismay, I couldn’t finish all mine due to the impending stomach ache, but Rick had no problem finishing his!

Happy Man

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Chocolate Festival in Harvard Square

Um, not much needs to be said about the title of this post except for: CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL. Yeah, that’s right…the last weekend of January will be a chocolate festival in Harvard Square featuring an assortment of decadent chocolate treats from local purveyors. There are several offered activities including Death by Chocolate: A Murder Mystery (sidenote: I hope this is my fate…); the Art of Chocolate Tasting: learning the intricacies of the chocolate making process; and an Evening of Wine and Chocolate: pairing the two in the best possible way. Rick and I will be in attendance from start to finish…will you? Stay tuned for an update on this upcoming afternoon filled with indulgence and gluttony.

Chocolate Truffles


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