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Gaming on at Game On

The Giants and Packers were playing for the right to face the Niners in the NFC championship so naturally, being the huuuuge football fans we are, C and I hit up Boston’s finest sports pub for some food and brews – Game On.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of sports pubs (or sports), but I’ll be damned if I said I didn’t like Game On. The place is home to my favorite loaded nachos in Boston and also one of my favorite burgers – the Pretzel Burger. The Pretzel Burger is a bacon cheeseburger buried deep inside a cocoon of pretzel bun magic. They also serve it up with a couple sidesĀ of mustard.

I was thinking “I’m young and I have a lot of life to live” so I decided to get crazy and switch things up a bit so I ordered a plate of hot wings. I was pretty stoked about it since everything I’ve ever ordered from Game On has been pretty awesome for pub food, but these wings let me down. They were saltier than the tears of a saltine cracker. I think I consumed about 40,000 mg of sodium per wing.

I’ll probably be back on Sunday, anyway.

Pro Tip #459: Check in twice on FourSquare and get yourself hooked up with a free appetizer. Just stay away from those salty-ass hot wings.


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