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Silent House

Last night we attended the Silent House screening at AMC. This will be the third time my scared little anti-scary-movie-sweetheart joined me for a horror movie (I’m convinced that I can turn her into a horror fan sooner or later).

Silent House is the American remake of La Casa Muda and stars Elizabeth Olsen as Sarah.

Sarah, her daddy, and good ol’ uncle Peter retreat back to an old family home for renovations before they sell the house. The windows are boarded up, doors are locked from the inside, the power doesn’t work, the landline service is non-existent, and the wireless signal sucks balls. This creates a creepy setting for our story as Sarah needs to navigate the house with lanterns and flashlights when things go awry.

Just like the original, Silent House’s main feat is that it plays out in real-time and appears to be done in one continuous shot. We explore, we run, and we hide with Sarah while being sucked in to every tense moment.

The atmosphere of the film and the acting by Olsen is great, but I think it really falls apart at the end. For a movie that makes it a point keep the viewer joined at the hip with the protagonist, the ending really feels like it was all for naught.

Silent House premieres on 3/9.

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