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New Favorite Ice Cream Topping Alert!

Bacon bacon bacon – people go ape-shit for bacon. Bacon has been mixed and mashed into a myriad of unsuspecting foods and drinks like chocolate, vodka, and even mints. Well good news for bacon lovers in Boston because JM Curley in downtown lists bacon as one of the toppings available in their concretes (whipped vanilla ice cream). I ordered one of these creamy conconctions last night and paired it up with porter from the tap. The concrete comes with some chocolate chips for good measure and the ice cream and bacon combo hits that sweet and savory sweet spot inside the delicious pit of your soul.

Give it a shot if you’re feeling bacon-y. Just don’t go to JM Curley if you’re thinking about acting like a douchebag. Douchebaggery is strictly prohibited at this establishment.


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