Footwork Friday – The Kooks + Jean Tonque

More beats for your feets. The Kooks’ Naive gets a funky face-lift courtesy of Jean Tonique.

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Simply Irresist- a- ball!!

So I recently stumbled on this awesome blog full of healthy, delectable, chocolatey desserts. I’m obsessed!! The recipes are amazing and super innovative. I decided to try out the German-Chocolate Fudge Bites. YUM YUM YUM!

German-Chocolate Fudge Balls

They’re raw and vegan!! (Except for the chocolate chips I opted to add). They are seriously delicious. So good, I’m going to make them for Rick’s Valentine’s Day chocolate bake off at his work. Can’t wait to hear what folks say about this delicious and healthy-er alternative!!


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Footwork Friday

I stumbled upon this crafty track by Electric Guest (produced by Danger Mouse) and I can’t stop stumbling (or that’s what I tell people when they catch me trying to dance to this little ditty).

Sounds so soulful, don’t you agree?

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Seeing double

We were watching more Breaking Bad last night and there’s an episode in Season 3 where we get a nice little “Wendy” montage of her smoking meth and going on a blowjob spree when I realized she looked familiar.

Wasn’t she in Boondock Saints?

Oh, right. That was Willem Dafoe in drag.

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Death by Chocolate

Over the weekend, we ventured out to Harvard Square in Cambridge for the second annual chocolate festival. At one point in the afternoon, several vendors came together to promote their eateries and gave out FREE samples of chocolate. FREE samples, need I say more? It was chocolate overload…I couldn’t have asked for more. We were near the front and still waited in line for about 40 minutes…and the line stretched long behind us.

Long Long Line

Chocolate Samples

(Starting bottom left and circling clockwise)

  1. Chocolate ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce from JP Licks
  2. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks from Libby’s Dairy Bar
  3. Gluten free and sugar free chocolate mouse with whipped cream from Legal Sea Food
  4. Chocolate fudge cake from Finale
  5. Fried crepe stuffed with Nutella from Bertuccis

To my dismay, I couldn’t finish all mine due to the impending stomach ache, but Rick had no problem finishing his!

Happy Man

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Something to listen to

Chairlift released a pretty solid major label debut with Something yesterday. The album opens with one of my favorite tracks, Sidewalk Safari – a poppy little number about vehicular manslaughter that makes me miss my car. Check out the borderline-way-too-cheesy I Belong In Your Arms and the synth’d out Amanaemonesia for some fun tunes. Gotta love that silver spandex’d dance number with the video, too.

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The Salty Pig

Her take:
So today, we had a positively delightful brunch with some wonderful new friends. We went to the Salty Pig in the South End right near Copley Square. The restaurant is super cute and cozy…great design and ambiance. The table ordered a “board” where you first choose from a selection of cured cuts of pig, then your cheese, and finally some sides. It’s presented on a small wooden cutting board. Then everyone ordered their meals. As a vegetarian, I was limited with options since the menu is so meat based, but I enjoyed an arugula salad with Vermont goat cheese, roasted parsnips, beets and squash. But perhaps the best part of the meal was the amazing Iggy’s bread. Our server brought out some cranberry pecan rolls with brown butter. SO GOOD.

the Salty Pig

His take:
Whenever I hit up a BevMo, I love cruising through the craft beer selection and admiring the label designs. Every once in while, I’ll buy a beer based on the artwork wrapped around the bottle.

What can I say -I’m a sucker for good design, which brings me to The Salty Pig.  I was initially drawn to this restaurant by its sweet signage and unassuming name. Crystal and I usually like to read reviews before trying any new restaurants so luckily we liked The Salty Pig’s brunch offerings as much as I liked their design aesthetic.

I ordered a Bloody Maria, which had a jalapeno-infused tequila, that I gulped down with the quickness. Soon after, my Pork Belly Hash was dropped off and ready to be consumed by my inner breakfast monster. It came with two eggs served to my liking, two strips of bacon, and country fried potatoes. I finally washed it all down with a Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA.

Oh, they also have their restrooms plastered with The Far Side comics. Great reading material.

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Los Campesinos

So on Friday night, we hit the Paradise to see some live music…one of our favorite things to do! We saw Los Campesinos. Neither of us are too familiar with their music but dabble on the album once in a while. Typically we always enjoy seeing shows, but for some reason this particular band didn’t resonate with either of us. I was yawning and Rick was bored – it seemed no amount of beers could make the evening more interesting. We almost left early but decided to stick around to the end. Ultimately, they’re a great band! Fun music – good for dancing – but possibly too angsty for our taste. Shows at the Paradise are usually 21+ but this show was 18+ so there were mostly “kids” in the crowd. Overall, they’re worth a listen…but Rick and I just might be getting too darn old.

Los Campesinos


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Tanlines in the winter?

I have to share this awesome piece of musical genius by Tanlines. I wasn’t hip to them when they released an EP in 2010, but I’ll be looking forward to their debut album, Mixed Emotions, in March.

Feast your ears!


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More Snow in Boston

We had a bit more snow last night as Rick and I were stumbling home from the Boylston bars, so we decided to snap a few more photos. Note: hailing from California, snow is still a novelty.

Stairs to the T

Parking Meters

Makin' Tracks

Rick felt the need to make “skier tracks” the ENTIRE way home from the T. He was really dedicated.

Mo' Snow