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Chairlift @ Brighton Music Hall

While Mother Nature decided we could use a surprise cold front last night, Crystal and I went to see Chairlift at the Brighton Music Hall.

I love when an opening act tears it up and starts the night on a high note and that’s exactly what Zulu Winter came to do. They ripped up the stage with their dance-rock and a story of how they’ve been staying at the Days Inn for the last few nights. Hopefully more people pick up on these guys so they can get a hotel upgrade in the future. One of my favorite songs of the night was We Should Be Swimming. Check out the video below:

Next up, was Nite Jewel, who I was really excited to watch after getting hooked on the smooth and sultry¬†In The Dark and synth-tastic¬†One Second of Love. After having the sound check session with each member of the band asking the sound engineer to turn up their monitors, Ramona Gonzalez and the gang brutally raped my ears with music that sounded off-balance. Crystal and I agreed that it sounded terrible and we couldn’t wait for the end. Throw in her Elaine-like dance moves and the set reminded me of drunken karaoke.

Finally, Chairlift took the stage and controlled the crowd. Singer Caroline Polachek’s dance moves and shaker skills could headline the show on their own, but the band was about as awesome as it gets. Definitely unforgettable, even for those suffering from amanaemonesia.

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While my cookies turned out to be delicious (I’ve already plowed through about half the batch) I wanted to show you the dark and dangerous realities of cookie baking. While taking out my second batch from the oven, I was distracted by Tabatha’s Salon Takeover and accidentally burned my bicep with the scalding hot cookie sheet (see picture below).

Cookie Burn

It turned out to be quite a large battle wound. Now all I need to do is think of a better story that will make me look like more of a badass and less like a nincompoop.


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