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Valentine’s Day

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like Ethiopian food.

Rick and I went to Addis Red Sea in the South End for Valentine’s Day last year (my first Ethiopian food experience) and we instantly fell in love…with the food. Alas, we never made it back there. So, we decided to go back again to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day. We loved the food just as much as the first time around!

I ordered a few vegetable dishes and Rick ordered the beef tartare. It came on top of a large piece of injera bread that you devour with your hands. Sooooo yummy!! The split pea stew was so delicious we ordered a second round! Rick tried an Ethiopian lager that he thoroughly enjoyed and I kept it simple with a few glasses of Cabernet. Although their liquor selection is lacking, their food is awesome! If you’re in the mood for something different, give Addis Red Sea a try! You might be surprised, but Boston (apparently) has a large Ethiopian population (a cab driver once told us this)…so what better place to try some Ethiopian fare that’s close to home?

Ethiopian Food

Ethiopian Lager

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The Salty Pig

Her take:
So today, we had a positively delightful brunch with some wonderful new friends. We went to the Salty Pig in the South End right near Copley Square. The restaurant is super cute and cozy…great design and ambiance. The table ordered a “board” where you first choose from a selection of cured cuts of pig, then your cheese, and finally some sides. It’s presented on a small wooden cutting board. Then everyone ordered their meals. As a vegetarian, I was limited with options since the menu is so meat based, but I enjoyed an arugula salad with Vermont goat cheese, roasted parsnips, beets and squash. But perhaps the best part of the meal was the amazing Iggy’s bread. Our server brought out some cranberry pecan rolls with brown butter. SO GOOD.

the Salty Pig

His take:
Whenever I hit up a BevMo, I love cruising through the craft beer selection and admiring the label designs. Every once in while, I’ll buy a beer based on the artwork wrapped around the bottle.

What can I say -I’m a sucker for good design, which brings me to The Salty Pig.  I was initially drawn to this restaurant by its sweet signage and unassuming name. Crystal and I usually like to read reviews before trying any new restaurants so luckily we liked The Salty Pig’s brunch offerings as much as I liked their design aesthetic.

I ordered a Bloody Maria, which had a jalapeno-infused tequila, that I gulped down with the quickness. Soon after, my Pork Belly Hash was dropped off and ready to be consumed by my inner breakfast monster. It came with two eggs served to my liking, two strips of bacon, and country fried potatoes. I finally washed it all down with a Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA.

Oh, they also have their restrooms plastered with The Far Side comics. Great reading material.

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New Favorite Ice Cream Topping Alert!

Bacon bacon bacon – people go ape-shit for bacon. Bacon has been mixed and mashed into a myriad of unsuspecting foods and drinks like chocolate, vodka, and even mints. Well good news for bacon lovers in Boston because JM Curley in downtown lists bacon as one of the toppings available in their concretes (whipped vanilla ice cream). I ordered one of these creamy conconctions last night and paired it up with porter from the tap. The concrete comes with some chocolate chips for good measure and the ice cream and bacon combo hits that sweet and savory sweet spot inside the delicious pit of your soul.

Give it a shot if you’re feeling bacon-y. Just don’t go to JM Curley if you’re thinking about acting like a douchebag. Douchebaggery is strictly prohibited at this establishment.


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Gaming on at Game On

The Giants and Packers were playing for the right to face the Niners in the NFC championship so naturally, being the huuuuge football fans we are, C and I hit up Boston’s finest sports pub for some food and brews – Game On.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of sports pubs (or sports), but I’ll be damned if I said I didn’t like Game On. The place is home to my favorite loaded nachos in Boston and also one of my favorite burgers – the Pretzel Burger. The Pretzel Burger is a bacon cheeseburger buried deep inside a cocoon of pretzel bun magic. They also serve it up with a couple sides of mustard.

I was thinking “I’m young and I have a lot of life to live” so I decided to get crazy and switch things up a bit so I ordered a plate of hot wings. I was pretty stoked about it since everything I’ve ever ordered from Game On has been pretty awesome for pub food, but these wings let me down. They were saltier than the tears of a saltine cracker. I think I consumed about 40,000 mg of sodium per wing.

I’ll probably be back on Sunday, anyway.

Pro Tip #459: Check in twice on FourSquare and get yourself hooked up with a free appetizer. Just stay away from those salty-ass hot wings.


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Audubon Circle

I love Audubon…it’s honestly one of our favorite places to go in the city. It’s gastropub style with elegant ambiance and an interesting menu without being portentous or overpriced. I went tonight to meet with a friend for a brief catch-up session. We just ordered snacks and cocktails – edamame with sea salt and steamed veggie dumplings. I drank a nice Cote du Rhone and my friend sipped on an Original Cider.

Veggie Dumplings

Another nice point to note is that their menu is seasonal and always changing, which helps to keep things interesting. PLUS, they have a nice patio area to enjoy on those warm summer evenings.


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