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Reptar has a strangely-titled new track for your ears.

Reptar dropped another track from their upcoming debut, Body Faucet. The title “Orifice Origami” reminds me of folded up buttholes, but the track is incredible. The vocalist almost screams the chorus and shows a bit more depth than what we’ve heard on the Oblangle Fizz Y’all EP and the band seems to have a more graduated sound. It’s another banger and I’m definitely looking forward to the show at Great Scott on 4/12.

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Chairlift @ Brighton Music Hall

While Mother Nature decided we could use a surprise cold front last night, Crystal and I went to see Chairlift at the Brighton Music Hall.

I love when an opening act tears it up and starts the night on a high note and that’s exactly what Zulu Winter came to do. They ripped up the stage with their dance-rock and a story of how they’ve been staying at the Days Inn for the last few nights. Hopefully more people pick up on these guys so they can get a hotel upgrade in the future. One of my favorite songs of the night was We Should Be Swimming. Check out the video below:

Next up, was Nite Jewel, who I was really excited to watch after getting hooked on the smooth and sultry In The Dark and synth-tastic One Second of Love. After having the sound check session with each member of the band asking the sound engineer to turn up their monitors, Ramona Gonzalez and the gang brutally raped my ears with music that sounded off-balance. Crystal and I agreed that it sounded terrible and we couldn’t wait for the end. Throw in her Elaine-like dance moves and the set reminded me of drunken karaoke.

Finally, Chairlift took the stage and controlled the crowd. Singer Caroline Polachek’s dance moves and shaker skills could headline the show on their own, but the band was about as awesome as it gets. Definitely unforgettable, even for those suffering from amanaemonesia.

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The Knocks @ The Middle East

Crystal and I danced and dodged spilled beers while The Knocks performed at The Middle East in Cambridge last Friday. The party opened up with Magic Man and St. Lucia, who kept the crowd moving until the dynamic duo took the stage. The Knocks blasted our earholes with the cuts from their Magic EP. I also remember some Major Lazer mixed in for good measure.

Their video for Brightside is hilarious and an accurate display of how I got ready for the show.

We also snagged a sweet tour poster in a drunken stupor.

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Anais Mitchell at Club Passim

Thursday night we ventured into Harvard Square to see one of my absolute favorite folk singers – Anais Mitchell – play a show. We hit up Club Passim which is a small and crowded little cafe that serves vegetarian fare and local brews. The show was fantastic(!), per the usual. Anais played some new stuff as well as some older tunes and classic folk songs.

Anais at Club Passim

She promoted her new album (Young Man in America) to be released this coming Tuesday. For a sneak peek, watch the video:

After the show, I snagged the drummer’s set list to hang by my desk at work. Since Anais was hanging out by the merch booth, Rick and our friend Sarah insisted I get her to sign it. But being the scaredy-cat that I am, I quickly shuffled out the door. This was the sixth time I’ve seen her play and I’ve always been too shy to talk to her……….maybe next time……

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Footwork Friday – The Kooks + Jean Tonque

More beats for your feets. The Kooks’ Naive gets a funky face-lift courtesy of Jean Tonique.

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Footwork Friday

I stumbled upon this crafty track by Electric Guest (produced by Danger Mouse) and I can’t stop stumbling (or that’s what I tell people when they catch me trying to dance to this little ditty).

Sounds so soulful, don’t you agree?

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Something to listen to

Chairlift released a pretty solid major label debut with Something yesterday. The album opens with one of my favorite tracks, Sidewalk Safari – a poppy little number about vehicular manslaughter that makes me miss my car. Check out the borderline-way-too-cheesy I Belong In Your Arms and the synth’d out Amanaemonesia for some fun tunes. Gotta love that silver spandex’d dance number with the video, too.

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Los Campesinos

So on Friday night, we hit the Paradise to see some live music…one of our favorite things to do! We saw Los Campesinos. Neither of us are too familiar with their music but dabble on the album once in a while. Typically we always enjoy seeing shows, but for some reason this particular band didn’t resonate with either of us. I was yawning and Rick was bored – it seemed no amount of beers could make the evening more interesting. We almost left early but decided to stick around to the end. Ultimately, they’re a great band! Fun music – good for dancing – but possibly too angsty for our taste. Shows at the Paradise are usually 21+ but this show was 18+ so there were mostly “kids” in the crowd. Overall, they’re worth a listen…but Rick and I just might be getting too darn old.

Los Campesinos


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Tanlines in the winter?

I have to share this awesome piece of musical genius by Tanlines. I wasn’t hip to them when they released an EP in 2010, but I’ll be looking forward to their debut album, Mixed Emotions, in March.

Feast your ears!


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New Music: Robyn

So I was running at the gym earlier today listening to the Robyn album just thinking about how much I love it!! There’s a few “meh” songs on there, but there’s also several gems. Call Your Girlfriend is perhaps the most popular…

Gah!! She’s so stylish with that wild hair and those crazy dance moves. She makes me want to get up and dance.

I also love Dancing On My Own (among maaaaaaaaany others)…

If you want more music to peruse, check out our Hype Machine playlists! Crystal | Rick


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