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Nerd Alert: Les Mis at the Boston Opera House

I love musical theater!! But good theater is so expensive. Last night, I sacrificed a chunk of change to see Les Mis at the Boston Opera House. Holy shit, this theater was incredible!! Below is the only picture I could snag before getting scolded by the usher.

Boston Opera House

The show was stunning and wonderfully epic! Unfortunately, our seats were so far away it was hard to see and hear, but nonetheless, it was amazing.

Jean Valjean and Bring Him Home were indescribable and the closing to Act I was everything I wanted it to be. Overall, it was a fabulous night of theater. If you’re in the Boston area, GO! It’s a great opportunity to get some culture as well as chance to be in the Opera House.

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The Say Something Poster Project

Ever the art connoisseurs, Crystal and I stopped by The Fourth Wall Gallery to catch The Say Something Poster Project exhibit. The Poster Project had a collection of 25 posters by artists competing to have their work donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester. The works were created with the intention of motivating and inspiring the kids at the club.

Only three artists could win the contest, so attendees were given ballots to vote for the 10 posters that rocked their respective world. Check out a couple of our favorites:

Rick’s Picks:

By Matt Hunsberger

By Brigid Griffin

Crystal’s Picks:

By Lindsay Henry

By Phil Pham


Oh yeah – we also were treated to some free beer courtesy of High and Mighty who served up some of their Purity of Essence lager at the gallery. Thanks, High and Mighty! All in all, it was a pretty great time.

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More Snow in Boston

We had a bit more snow last night as Rick and I were stumbling home from the Boylston bars, so we decided to snap a few more photos. Note: hailing from California, snow is still a novelty.

Stairs to the T

Parking Meters

Makin' Tracks

Rick felt the need to make “skier tracks” the ENTIRE way home from the T. He was really dedicated.

Mo' Snow



Snowfall in Boston

At long last!! Boston has had its first snowfall (aside from the freak snow storm back in October). Rick and I just got back from playing in the street…

Snow in Boston

Our street

Kenmore T Stop

In the Alley

For more fun pics, visit my Lightbox page.


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