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The Say Something Poster Project

Ever the art connoisseurs, Crystal and I stopped by The Fourth Wall Gallery to catch The Say Something Poster Project exhibit. The Poster Project had a collection of 25 posters by artists competing to have their work donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester. The works were created with the intention of motivating and inspiring the kids at the club.

Only three artists could win the contest, so attendees were given ballots to vote for the 10 posters that rocked their respective world. Check out a couple of our favorites:

Rick’s Picks:

By Matt Hunsberger

By Brigid Griffin

Crystal’s Picks:

By Lindsay Henry

By Phil Pham


Oh yeah – we also were treated to some free beer courtesy of High and Mighty who served up some of their Purity of Essence lager at the gallery. Thanks, High and Mighty! All in all, it was a pretty great time.

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Anais Mitchell at Club Passim

Thursday night we ventured into Harvard Square to see one of my absolute favorite folk singers – Anais Mitchell – play a show. We hit up Club Passim which is a small and crowded little cafe that serves vegetarian fare and local brews. The show was fantastic(!), per the usual. Anais played some new stuff as well as some older tunes and classic folk songs.

Anais at Club Passim

She promoted her new album (Young Man in America) to be released this coming Tuesday. For a sneak peek, watch the video:

After the show, I snagged the drummer’s set list to hang by my desk at work. Since Anais was hanging out by the merch booth, Rick and our friend Sarah insisted I get her to sign it. But being the scaredy-cat that I am, I quickly shuffled out the door. This was the sixth time I’ve seen her play and I’ve always been too shy to talk to her……….maybe next time……

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Tilapia Tacos

In an effort to save some benjamins and switch up our routine, Rick and I decided to stay in on this long holiday weekend for dinner and a movie. We decided to make tilapia tacos. They ended up being both delicious and healthy! Rick “grilled” the tilapia on the stovetop without oil or butter – just a little garlic seasoning – and I prepped all the fixin’s: pico de gallo, chili verde, black beans, corn, napa cabbage, limes and some spicy-ass Habanero sauce. We each made our own little tacos on some warm corn tortillas. Quick. Healthy. Cheap. PLUS, we have enough for a few more dinners this week. We coupled it with a Boatswain American IPA and the Ryan Gosling flick, Drive. Yum!

Tilapia Tacos


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Valentine’s Day

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like Ethiopian food.

Rick and I went to Addis Red Sea in the South End for Valentine’s Day last year (my first Ethiopian food experience) and we instantly fell in love…with the food. Alas, we never made it back there. So, we decided to go back again to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day. We loved the food just as much as the first time around!

I ordered a few vegetable dishes and Rick ordered the beef tartare. It came on top of a large piece of injera bread that you devour with your hands. Sooooo yummy!! The split pea stew was so delicious we ordered a second round! Rick tried an Ethiopian lager that he thoroughly enjoyed and I kept it simple with a few glasses of Cabernet. Although their liquor selection is lacking, their food is awesome! If you’re in the mood for something different, give Addis Red Sea a try! You might be surprised, but Boston (apparently) has a large Ethiopian population (a cab driver once told us this)…so what better place to try some Ethiopian fare that’s close to home?

Ethiopian Food

Ethiopian Lager

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Footwork Friday – The Kooks + Jean Tonque

More beats for your feets. The Kooks’ Naive gets a funky face-lift courtesy of Jean Tonique.

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Simply Irresist- a- ball!!

So I recently stumbled on this awesome blog full of healthy, delectable, chocolatey desserts. I’m obsessed!! The recipes are amazing and super innovative. I decided to try out the German-Chocolate Fudge Bites. YUM YUM YUM!

German-Chocolate Fudge Balls

They’re raw and vegan!! (Except for the chocolate chips I opted to add). They are seriously delicious. So good, I’m going to make them for Rick’s Valentine’s Day chocolate bake off at his work. Can’t wait to hear what folks say about this delicious and healthy-er alternative!!


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Footwork Friday

I stumbled upon this crafty track by Electric Guest (produced by Danger Mouse) and I can’t stop stumbling (or that’s what I tell people when they catch me trying to dance to this little ditty).

Sounds so soulful, don’t you agree?

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Seeing double

We were watching more Breaking Bad last night and there’s an episode in Season 3 where we get a nice little “Wendy” montage of her smoking meth and going on a blowjob spree when I realized she looked familiar.

Wasn’t she in Boondock Saints?

Oh, right. That was Willem Dafoe in drag.

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Death by Chocolate

Over the weekend, we ventured out to Harvard Square in Cambridge for the second annual chocolate festival. At one point in the afternoon, several vendors came together to promote their eateries and gave out FREE samples of chocolate. FREE samples, need I say more? It was chocolate overload…I couldn’t have asked for more. We were near the front and still waited in line for about 40 minutes…and the line stretched long behind us.

Long Long Line

Chocolate Samples

(Starting bottom left and circling clockwise)

  1. Chocolate ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce from JP Licks
  2. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks from Libby’s Dairy Bar
  3. Gluten free and sugar free chocolate mouse with whipped cream from Legal Sea Food
  4. Chocolate fudge cake from Finale
  5. Fried crepe stuffed with Nutella from Bertuccis

To my dismay, I couldn’t finish all mine due to the impending stomach ache, but Rick had no problem finishing his!

Happy Man

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